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    Siemens RIC BTE PURE 501 XCL Hearing Aid
    Price: Rs. 131,980.00
    Rs. 85,787.00


    It hides, you shine. Designed for utmost discretion, Pure packs the most advanced hearing technology into an almost invisible, ultra-small size. Available in three performance levels and in the smallest possible rechargeable RIC (Receiver-in-Canal) and CIC (Completely-in-Canal) configurations, Pure is perfect for those who don’t want to be defined by their hearing loss. True stereo sound, delivered right to your ears. Available with Pure 700, 500 and 300, our Tek® wireless enhancement system streams sound from wearers’ mobile phones, telephones, MP3 players, televisions, and other audio sources directly to their Pure instruments. Equipped with Siemens Bluetooth® wireless technology, the Tek Connect remote ensures the most effective streaming functionality available without distortion or audible delay. It also gives wearers direct, one touch access to listening programs as well as volume and treble controls. Tek — it is all wearers need to enjoy a listening experience that’s completely in sync.