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    Frequency55 asph
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    CooperVision’s Frequency 55 contact lenses are based on UltraSync technology which gives your eyes sure-shot vision, clarity and comfort. The smooth design and handling tint make them easy to care for. The material is patented and resistant to protein deposit which makes them ultra-comfortable and convenient for prolonged usage.

    Another product of Frequency family of CooperVision is Frequency 55 Aspheric. Made of highly resistant material and ultra-thin make them very convenient to use and wear. These lenses are suitable for people with little astigmatism up to .75 D.

    For unsurpassable vision quality, Frequency 55 Multifocal contact lenses make for an appropriate choice. The visibility tint provides ease, convenience and comfort. CooperVision has conceptualized a revolutionary multifocal lens design that give people a clear-cut vision at all distances. Featuring Balanced Progressive Technology, Frequency 55 Multifocal contact lenses are apt for spherical and cylindrical sight correction.

    Frequency 55 Toric contact lenses rectify astigmatism by adjusting the irregular surface of the retina with its surface while giving you utmost comfort and convenience. These are ultra-thin and smooth to wear.

    Frequency 55 Toric XR contact lenses from CooperVision are designed for people experiencing astigmatism of high levels. XR here stands for Extended Parameter range meant for people with higher degree of astigmatism. Just make sure you select the latest power vision and indicate the dominant power while filling your details at 99lens.com and ordering Frequency Ciba Vision contact lenses.

    About Cooper Vision:

    The Cooper Companies, Inc, known for manufacturing global medical devices was reorganized in 1967 and one of its four business units was CooperVision. CooperVision is credited for many innovations in the realms of contact lenses and in 2005; it became third largest soft contact lens manufacturing company in the world. The CooperVision contact lenses have made sure that contact lens wearers’ comfort and vision are not compromised. It takes pride in one of the companies which has US FDA approval of providing comfort to contact lens wearer even after 12 hours of prolonged use.

    The technologies patented by the company are Aquaform® Technology and PC Technology™. Aquaform® provides lenses a moist layer. CooperVision’s Biofinity® and Avaira® families’ lenses hold water, form Hydrogen bond with water molecules, thus making them moist without using any wet agent and totally perfect for people who complain of dry eyes and red eyes due to contact lens use. These lenses are even softer and easier to use than Silicone Hydrogel lenses.

    PC Technology™ is available in Proclear® family lenses of CooperVision. This technology enables lenses to be comfortable and moist. Proclear® lenses also boasts of being only lenses to be cleared by U.S. FDA for being used by people who experience dryness due to contact lenses.

    The comfort and vision of contact lenses of Proclear is available only at 99lens.com

    People who experience dryness and uneasiness due to contact lens should order Proclear® right away at 99lens.com.

    Sku: Cl1207013
    Brand: Frequency
    Product: Frequency55 asph
    Manufacturer: Cooper Vision
    Lens Per Box: 6
    Replacement Schedule: Monthly
    Material: Methafilcon A
    Water Content: 55
    Base Curve: 8.4
    Diameter: 14.4
    Central Thickness:
    Oxygen Permeability:
    Rs. 900.00
    Unit Price:   
    Rs. 900.00
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