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    Square Face

    Facial features :

    Square-shaped faces are usually proportional in length and width. They are characterized by a strong, prominent jaw line, square chin and broad, deep forehead

    The features are more angled, with a broad chin and strong jaw squaring the shape off

    Angular, short and wide.

    • Because square faces are so angular, try round or oval glasses to soften and add contrast to the face.
    • Round frames are perfect for creating curves and softening square or angular faces
    • Cat-eye frames provide interesting curve and contour to square faces
    • Gently curved oval frames help minimize angles and lengthen a square face
    • Frames should be more horizontal than vertical
    • Subtle rimless frames with soft edges add contrast and visual interest to a strong, square face
    • Soften the angles and lengthen the face with a narrow, rounded oval style. The oversize teardrop-shaped of aviators are a perfect look.
    • Men who want to soften their impression up a little can wear rounded lenses.

    Frames to avoid

    • Narrow, rectangular frames will make you look squinty
    • thick, dark frames give a square face an overpowering impression that will draw away from the rest of your appearance.
    • Geometric shapes.
    • Square frames that highlight facial angles.
    • Low-set temples.
    • Frames with colour emphasis on the bottom rim that accentuate chin

    Famous celebrities: demi moore,matt le blanc,barkha dutt