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    Concerned About Eyehealth Of Your Employees

    What is 99lens Corporate Eyecare Program?


    None of the indian insurance companies cover spectacles and allied vision aids.It is expremely difficult for companies to provide their employees with often necessary vision benefits. Therefore, 99lens Corporate Eyecare Program allows you, the employer, the opportunity to offer your employees savings of up to 20% off their eye care needs when they visit 99lens.com. This program has no membership cost, and is absolutely free to you.

    Corporate eyecare program at 99lens is aimed to provide quality eyecare testing and services to all employees of your organisation.Our outreach team perform screening and testing of eyes for your employees in your premises to facilitate eyecare solutions.

    All our Optometrists and network opticians are fully qualified and expertly trained and we continually invest in new technology ensuring the best possible care for you and your employees eyes.

    We have numerous practices across India, so wherever your business is located a 99lens associate will not be too far away, guaranteeing continual delivery of high quality service and products.

    We have a large and impressive selection of the latest Designer and Fashion eyewear at various price points.

    Benifits of choosing 99lens program

    • Virtually no administration
    • No payments 
    • No work loss, No production loss, 
    • Thorough and professional eye examinations from experienced Optometrists
    • Easy to explain to employees
    • Free Eye check up for all the employees
    • Tangible benefits for your employees
    • Discount Vouchers for employees
    • Discount vouchrers for family as well
    • Huge inventory of eye frames 

    Is the Corporate Eyecare Program right for my company?


    The 99lens Corporate Program is specifically designed for companies who either do not offer any vision care coverage, or only have a limited policy. There is absolutely no cost to your company!


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